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Every day a good feeling with leather Luke

Certain products and quality. Sharma in production (originality. Creativity. Quality) is. Our products with innovative design style hot rolled products for the consumer is to you with our products step aside and called on to shine in the fashion world.

Production of leather goods Luke. There is a new idea in early 1394 by Reza Abdollahi was founded beret.

Leather is accepted. Mnsvjat handmade production orders and welcome LUK because you respected consumers. The leather case used in the customer’s portfolio according to your taste venerable as follows:
Cow leather – goat leather – Sheep – buff – buffalo leather – ostrich leather – leather Shtr- pythons and other snakes skin – leather horse

With the name of Allah the All-Knowing and Almighty that we can help in all matters of life and work. Sugar
The first phase of design and ideas on paper work done and the required tools and supplies prepared. Cut the skin and the start of production is done by hand so that they might bite or scratch is leather and the quality control. We use modern tools that are imported and domestic full training’ve seen previously used

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